Framework for UGC’s Guidelines on Alumni Engagement

As a part of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the University Grants Commission (UGC) emphasized the importance of alumni’s role in an institution’s well-being and laid directives for fortifying alumni engagement. UGC created these guidelines based on the objective “Student Career Progression and Alumni Network”. To learn more about the guidelines, please visit – UGC’s Guidelines for Alumni Engagement in Higher Education

Let’s peek at what the 5 important guidelines are and how Vaave can assist your institution in realizing them to fruition.

Alumni Connect Cell

UGC recommends establishing an Alumni Connect Cell. The Alumni Connect cell can be a committee consisting of faculty and alumni. It can also constitute a Student-Alumni Relationship Cell (SARC), that consists of current students from all academic years. This cell can be instrumental in coordinating with alumni, hosting events, managing alumni databases, digital campaigns, and much more!

To delve deeper into the goals, responsibilities, and benefits of the same, you can read more at – Role of Student-Alumni Relationship Cell (SARC)

Continuous Engagement

The benefits reaped while engaging the alumni are mutual to both the institution and the alumni. At Vaave, we have diligently curated 13 Alumni Engagement Programs covering all the vital aspects such as mentoring, scholarships, placements, entrepreneurship, and so on. These programs can be tailored to suit your needs as well.

To develop a better understanding of the engagement strategies visit – 13 Alumni Engagement Programs.

Maintaining Alumni Database

Building an alumni database is pure drudgery, but it can be rewarding to the institution in the long run. It gives you an idea about what kind of alumni you are harboring and their interests so that you can plan alumni interactions accordingly. Also, an alumni portal can seamlessly integrate all your needs making it a one-stop shop for the alumni.

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Virtual Alumni Engagement

Alumni engagement has joined the bandwagon of virtual interaction, making it easy for the alumni to engage in the comfort of their place. All the alumni events can be conducted virtually skipping the expensive physical arrangements. Having a dedicated Alumni Mobile App where the alumni can interact with each other and the institution also comes under virtual engagement. 

To learn more about virtual engagement and Vaave’s industry-defining alumni application visit – Virtual Engagement Made Easy.

Branding Building

Acknowledging successful alumni and sharing their testimonials across the institution’s social media channels can be a great way to gather traction. Share the alumni’s achievements and encourage them to share their stories. This type of branding boosts the institution’s credibility.

To master the art of alumni branding, read how to Brand Alumni.

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