Introducing Boomerang AI

AI based platform to automatically match alumni profiles
to all available job opportunities at your company

AI for your Boomerang Strategy

Boomerangs - rehiring former employees has evolved as a most important strategy for recruiting. Boomerangs require less investment in recruiting, socialization, and training than new employees because they are familiar with the company's culture, policies, and practices. They also bring new viewpoints from other workplaces with them, which can lead to enhanced social capital outside of the company.

Here is a quick product demo of our Boomerang AI Module

The Boomerang AI is an AI ML based engine that helps your Talent Acquisition team in rehiring your alumni with a few clicks. Tap into your alumni community based on job requisition & skill sets to evaluate the interest to re-join and seek referrals. You alums can also subscribe to the open positions in your company.
Available Integrations:

We augument the efforts of intelligent alogirithm
through following services

Talent Assistance

We provide expertise and hand holding in hiring back your ex-employees effortlessly. Our dedicated hiring team is here to help you fasten up the implementation process.

Diversity Hiring

We help in providing employer branding initiatives for corporates that foster gender diversity programs like Career Restart etc. Through our initiatives, we make sure that your programs reach out to the right audience for creating the right impact.

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