Alumni Engagement Program
to improve Placements & Rankings

A structured 6-month program to professionally run your
alumni relations that improves placements & rankings.

Alumni play a crucial role in institutional development and are the best mentors to the current students. Vaave's Alumni Engagement Program (AEP) is a structured program to handhold your alumni relations and utliise the potential of alumni in improving placements, admissions and rankings. Our success managers help with the following under AEP


Mentoring Programs

Design & Run your
Alumni Mentoring Programs


Student Alumni Cells

Handhold Student Alumni Teams to build network with alumni


Finding Star Alumni

Identify Star Alumni and Mentors of your institution


Reports for Rankings

Generate Automated Reports for rankings and accreditations

Mentoring Programs under AEP

  • Placement Guidance Bootcamps
  • Industry Readiness Bootcamps
  • Higher Education Guidance
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamps

Advantages of AEP

  • Structured mentoring programs
  • Guided by Experienced Professionals
  • Fraction of Cost
  • Automated and verified reports
  • Record keeping for rakings & accreditations

Impact of AEP

  • Better Employability of Students - Better Placements
  • Alumni & Students acts as Brand Ambassadors - Better Admissions
  • Records of activities and Better Employability improves Rankings

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