Alumni Leadership Program

A Unique Certification program with 6 Learning Tracks
on Alumni Management that covers


BEHA Framework

Framework designed to give foundation to the basic practices of alumni relationship



Conceptual understanding of different alumni personas, their needs and capabilities


Vaave's Alumni
Relationship Matrix

VARM - Matrix measuring the strength of relationship of institution with its alumni network


13 Engagement

13 unique programs to engage alumni on the basis of their needs and potential to give back



Understanding the Fundraising Triangle and involvement of alumni in institutional development

479 Alumni Officers already certified across previous 4 Batches of ALP

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Course Structure
Track 1:
Alumni Relations Overview
Why Alumni Relations, Various Alumni Personas & their needs, Accreditation Requirements, Strengthening Relationships, Best Practices
Track 2:
Building an Alumni Program
Fundamental Blocks of an Alumni Program, Organization Structure, Building Teams, Database Building, Chapter Management, Batch Coordinators, Social Media Presence.
Track 3:
Engagement Activities
Alumni Meets, Strategies to increase attendance to reunions, Virtual Meets & Webinars, Community Service, Success Stories, Alumni Ambassador Program, Record-Keeping of Activities for NAAC
Track 4:
Student Development & Mentoring Programs
Student - Alumni Engagement, Mentorship Areas, Designing Mentor Programs, Identifying Mentors, Guest Lectures, Industry Interface, Entrepreneurship Programs, Research Collaborations
Track 5:
Fundraising & Giveback Programs
ABC of fundraising, various tools, legal framework & record-keeping for NAAC, designing projects, attracting donors
Track 6:
Institutional Development
Setting up Centers for Excellence, Research Labs, Incubators, Overseas Education, IQAC, NAD, Rankings - NIRF & ARIIA, Accreditation - NAAC & AACSB
Program Fee
Enrolments for Indian Institutions
Professional/ Faculty
INR 10,000 /-
INR 5,000 /-
International Enrolments
USD 250 /-
For Vaave Customers
Enrolments for ALP are included in the Vaave's subscription plans

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