How to effectively maintain the Alumni Database? 

Engaging alumni is one of the foolproof formulas that institutions scattered across every nook and corner of the world employ to drive themselves forward in this dynamic era of education. The first step in this long sojourn of alumni engagement as an institution is to have a credible, updated alumni database. To ask the alumni to contribute back to the alma mater, you must know them completely first, and building the alumni database is the right way to do that. 

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Let’s say you have painstakingly collected all the details of the alumni graduating from various departments. The list continues further. Every year, you will have many graduates, and these alumni will foray into diverse industries. To keep your database updated, you will have to track not only the alumni but also their developments as well. In short, building and maintaining the alumni database is crucial for effective alumni engagement. 

An alumni database is an ocean of information about the alumni and their details. One of the most important factors that govern the management of the alumni database is its size/strength. Let’s assume that your institution is relatively new and the streams or courses you offer are less. You may have an average alumni of 150 to 200 every year for all the branches. For that small number, you may deem it fit to maintain the details of the alumni in conventional solutions like Excel Spreadsheets and Google Forms. To engage with them, you may form groups on WhatsApp and Telegram and put up pages on Facebook. 

In the near future, you will certainly experience growth where you will have students graduating year after year, and you may need help to fit everything into an already overstuffed Excel sheet. You will be left with information in your hand but no means to use it to your merit. Furthermore, it is impractical for the alumni to consistently update their profiles when maintained on excel sheets. So, having a full-fledged solution catering to all your needs is recommended. That’s where an Alumni Platform steps in.

An Alumni Platform is a comprehensive solution that addresses the ever-growing needs of the institution in engaging the alumni. It includes an Alumni Directory, maintaining an updated database with essential details such as job roles, contact information, and professional achievements. The dedicated members’ page enables easy alumni search by batch, location, work experience, and roll number.. The dedicated members’ page in the portal allows you to search alumni by batch, location, work experience, and roll number. Members can initiate contact with fellow alumni as well. Genuine profiles will have a verified badge to ensure safe communication. The Alumni Directory enhances networking, facilitates reunions, and supports career development.

Apart from maintaining a database, the portal can also offer dashboards, discussion groups, chapters, event management, fundraising, portal statistics, email listings, a career center, and a state-of-the-art admin panel.

Having an alumni portal will streamline the alumni engagement process. It offers easy signups, is accommodative, and is user-friendly in usage. The platform can be customized and personalized to the needs of the students and the alumni. The portal is scalable; it can handle networks of any size and is secure, ensuring data integrity and compliance with security regulations. It offers seamless integration with social media handles and payment gateways, making it a one-stop shop for alumni interaction. Read more in-depth about the essential features of a best alumni platform at –  Essential Features of Best Alumni Platform

It also offers the alumni a complete experience they will look forward to again. It facilitates easy communication between the alumni and the institution. The alumni portal can easily fulfill the dynamic needs.

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