Virtual Alumni Engagement Made Easy!

Every institution has an alumni with untapped potential and strong networks. Be it fundraising, mentoring, placements, or branding, alumni can be leveraged to yield defining results. While every institution has this privilege, they are not completely aware of utilizing it to its fullest.

To unleash the power of alumni, here at Vaave, we’ve indigenously developed a framework called BEHA (Build-Engage-Help-Ask), covering the essential pillars of alumni interaction that assist you in creating alumni engagement programs. To learn more about BEHA, you can visit –

The goal of the alumni engagement is to maintain a relationship with the former students, involving them in the activities of the institution, though they are not completely associated with it. This can be achieved through various strategies like hosting alumni events, branding success stories of alumni, establishing a continuous feedback loop updating the alumni about the institution, and so on. 

Owing to the alumni diaspora settling in various parts of the world, the idea of physical events is slowly fading away and the concept of Virtual Engagement is gathering traction. Institutions can now organize alumni events such as reunions, batch/chapter meetings, and knowledge conclaves virtually from the comfort of their homes. 

Student-alumni programs like mentoring sessions, technical workshops, and mock interview sessions can also follow suit. Virtual Engagement is a powerful medium that helps the alumni bond with their alma mater without any physical interaction.

Maintaining an alumni portal is as important as making it accessible to the alumni at all times. We at Vaave, developed an application – My Alumni Network, for seamless, round-the-clock alumni engagement. This mobile app offers all the features of the alumni portal on the smartphone, making it easy for the alumni to interact. Alumni can get real-time responses, discover new groups of interest, and discover new relationships (similar to alumni meets) from their phones!

To make the app My Alumni Network more interactive and useful to the alumni, we also launched a module called Spaces, which offers an immersive experience to the user while providing all the necessary features. A few are mentioned below – 

  • Special Interest Groups can be created for exclusive interaction between the alumni, which eliminates the need to maintain a plethora of WhatsApp/Telegram groups.
  • Real-time Chat enables quick, genuine reciprocation of responses and the ability to view the profiles of other alumni as well.
  • Noticeboard gives the important news and updates about the alma mater to interested alumni. It facilitates communication between the institution and alumni.
  • Alumni can easily Connect with the Admin regarding any doubts and get quick responses from the admin. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Spaces module provides Emergency Help Desk information that can be useful for any emergencies. The application also allows users to create chapter groups, which can be leveraged to plan location-specific events, reunions, and more.

The Spaces module on the My Alumni Network app can help alumni engage in hassle-free communication in groups about their batches, field of work, place of residence, etc. It enables users to view profiles of fellow alumni and eliminates the taxing process of searching for them on social media. It also vanquishes the need to maintain multiple groups on social media, which is very tough to keep track of.

To know more about how Vaave helps institutions engage their alumni effectively, contact us at or +91 9100688850