UGC’s Guidelines for Alumni Engagement in Higher Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, India’s University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken significant steps to fortify Alumni Engagement, aligning with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. This article explores the UGC’s directives on Alumni Engagement, emphasizing the importance of the newly introduced concept – Alumni Connect Cell – and its potential to foster enduring relationships.

Understanding the UGC’s Vision on Alumni Engagement

As the apex regulatory body for higher education in India, the UGC recognizes the ‘Student Career Progression and Alumni Network’ as pivotal for quality improvement in higher education. The UGC aims to enhance student career progression and establish lasting connections between students and institutions, acknowledging the era of student-centric learning.

The Importance of Alumni Engagement

Alumni Engagement is a multifaceted approach where former students actively contribute to their alma mater’s growth. The UGC highlights alumni as crucial stakeholders, bridging the academic and professional realms. Engagement takes various forms, from mentoring to financial contributions and participation in policy-level governing bodies.

UGC’s Directive and NEP 2020

In alignment with NEP 2020, the UGC urges universities to prioritize Alumni Engagement. The directive encourages the establishment of dedicated alumni-relations wings and formal associations. Additionally, the UGC recommends creating a comprehensive alumni database, respecting privacy and data security, for targeted communication, networking, and fundraising.

New Dimensions

Alumni Connect Cell and Continuous Engagement

Institutions are urged to establish an Alumni Connect Cell, a proactive initiative to engage with alumni. This includes maintaining a continuous connection with both Indian and foreign alumni, undertaking various activities, and sharing the latest institutional initiatives. The emphasis is on virtually connecting with alumni, organizing networking events, and facilitating get-togethers.

Honoring Distinguished Alumni and Brand Building

The UGC underscores the significance of honoring distinguished alumni for supporting the brand building. These individuals contribute to the institution’s reputation and overall development. Recognizing their efforts is crucial in fostering a sense of pride and commitment among the alumni community.

The “Alumni Connect” Initiative

The “Alumni Connect” encourages higher education institutions to actively engage with alumni of foreign origin and Indians living abroad. Institutions are advised to maintain a detailed database, and share information about the institution’s latest initiatives to maintain continuous engagement. Virtual connections, conferences, webinars, networking, get-togethers, and community service activities with alumni support are essential components of this initiative.

Government Collaboration and Information Sharing

The UGC suggests sharing alumni details with the government whenever required, emphasizing collaboration for the greater good. System-generated emails/SMS may be sent at various times, creating a seamless communication channel between institutions, alumni, and government entities.

Alumni Engagement, fortified by the innovative Alumni Connect Cell, stands at the forefront of the UGC’s initiatives. By implementing these strategies, institutions can enhance their academic quality and establish a global presence through continuous engagement with alumni, both at home and abroad. The UGC’s vision aligns seamlessly with NEP 2020, fostering a collaborative future in higher education.

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