Revolutionizing Recruitment: The ROI Magic of Boomerang Hiring

Attract high-performing employees, reduce recruitment costs, and build a stronger team with boomerang hiring

Smart and strategic hiring is the key to building a team that can navigate challenges of the  market, embrace innovation, and deliver success to the organization. The idea of Boomerang Hiring, once an anomaly, is fast becoming a strategic go-to that disrupts traditional hiring methods. Research spanning diverse industries indicate that 28% of new hires are, in reality, individuals returning as boomerang hires1.The knowledge and experience brought to the table by these employees provide a unique perspective and valuable insights that accelerates the company’s growth.

ROI of a Boomerang Hiring Program: Why You Should Hire a Boomerang Employee

Saves Hiring Cost

Boomerang Hiring revolutionizes talent acquisition, presenting businesses with the potential for substantial cost reduction – up to two-thirds or 67% less than hiring a fresh talent2

  1. Reduced Recruitment Costs by eliminating the need for extensive sourcing, screening, and interviewing. 
  1. Lower Onboarding Costs and need for dedicated resources as Boomerangs are familiar with the company’s culture and processes.
  1. Minimized Bad Hiring expenses by relying on the familiarity and prior vetting of Boomerang employees(reducing uncertainty with new hires). Studies suggest that a bad hire can cost up to 30 percent of an employee’s first-year earnings3.
Reduce Onboarding Time

Boomerang hires’ knowledge of the organization streamlines training, helping them swiftly adapt and integrate into the system.

  1. Knowledge of the organizational structure and established relationships expedites acclimation and their reintegration into the company’s culture and workflow.
  1. Knowledge of the business operations and established competencies of returning employees minimize onboarding time, accelerating their contribution to organizational success.
Boost Productivity

Boomerang employees, equipped with the skills and experience acquired during their time away outperform the new hires4.  Their intimate knowledge of the organization’s operations makes them excel in their roles.

Strengthen Organizational Culture & Identity

Boomerang employees play a vital role in carrying forward the company’s culture by being the ones that embrace its core values and embody its principles. They foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose among colleagues, which, in turn, fuels higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, strengthening the company’s unique culture & identity.

Unlock Innovation: Broadened Networks & Fresh Perspectives 

Boomerang employees, with their arsenal of extensive industry networks, contribute to business growth by expanding market reach and fostering strategic partnerships. Their industry expertise, coupled with the fresh perspectives they bring, keeps the company abreast of the latest trends and breakthroughs, fostering a continuous cycle of innovation.

Enhanced Retention & Branding through rehiring

Employees who have returned to the organization rejoin with a sense of belonging and a renewed appreciation for the organization’s culture. Research indicates that rehiring former employers fosters higher job satisfaction5 compared to recruiting fresh talent, resulting in enhanced employee retention, heightened stability, improved morale, and improved employer branding for top-tier talent.

Foster Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations can effectively promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) within their workforce by welcoming back former employees, including those who have taken breaks for personal reasons such as maternity leave. This inclusive approach not only strengthens the organization’s talent pool but also cultivates a more diverse and equitable work environment. Read more on how Boomerang Hiring enables diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Boomerang Hiring Strategy is redefining the way companies approach their hiring processes. It is ushering in a new era of strategic hiring practices that elevate organizations to new heights of business excellence. Acknowledged and adopted by leading global organizations, this paradigm shift is indispensable to companies that aim for growth. Boomerang Hiring Strategy offers exciting possibilities, but organizations should always consider the pros and cons of Boomerang Hiring before implementing it as a recruitment strategy. Read our article “Unlocking the Future of Recruitment with Boomerang Hiring” to understand more about this innovative approach.

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