Unlocking the Future of Recruitment with Boomerang Hiring

Navigating the recruitment process is a bit like searching for buried treasure. You follow a map of resumes, hoping to uncover the talents that will enrich your organization’s coffers. But imagine if, amidst the hunt, you stumbled upon a chest of treasures you thought you’d lost? That’s the magic of Boomerang Hiring!

Did you know that Boomerang Hiring can save organizations up to 67% in recruitment costs?

What is Boomerang Hiring and Why You Should Embrace It

The act of Boomerang Hiring (rehiring former employees) involves the process of re-engaging former employees back into the organizational framework. Employees leave organizations for various reasons, such as career shifts, maternity leave, pursuit of new opportunities, or family-related considerations like relocating with a partner. Some seek a change after dedicating 15-20 years to the same role. Before you can successfully embrace Boomerang Hiring and associated return to work programs, the first step is to identify why the employee left, a crucial step for tailoring your approach.

Boomerang workers accounted for 4.5% of new hires in 2021, up from 3.9% in 2019LinkedIn data

Why is Boomerang Hiring the Solution You Need?

Boomerang Hiring is a powerful tool in the talent acquisition arsenal that guarantees effective contributions and success. Boomerang Employees possess a wealth of knowledge, experience, and an unparalleled understanding of your culture, policies, and procedures. Their inherent familiarity allows them to hit the ground running, championing inclusivity, such as enabling individuals, especially women, who temporarily left the workforce to resume their careers, thereby fostering diversity and immediate impact from day one.

  • Cost Savings: Up to 67% reduction in recruitment expenses.
  • Reduced Onboarding Time: Swift integration, Boosting productivity.
  • Risk Mitigation: Cuts hiring risk, saves 30%+ in employee first-year earnings
  • Culture Continuity: Maintains organizational culture and strengthens legacy.
  • Thought leadership & Networking: Brings valuable connections and fresh perspectives.
  • Enhanced Retention: Bolsters loyalty and ensures team stability.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Enhances workplace inclusivity and re-attracts skilled workforce talent.

75% success rate for lateral Hires, a perfect 100% for Boomerangs.’CHRO, MakeMyTrip

Strategies to Maximize Boomerang Hiring:

Define Boomerang Hiring Policies 

Establish transparent policies outlining eligibility criteria and the application process for Boomerang Hiring. Honesty and fairness are essential to ensure former employees understand what to expect. Clarity breeds confidence, encouraging their return.

Smooth Exit Process

A smooth exit lays the foundation for successful Boomerang Hiring. It includes exit interviews, knowledge transfer, positive farewells, ongoing communication, alumni network integration, clear exit procedures, and exit surveys. This process leaves the door open for potential returnees and demonstrates a commitment to employee satisfaction and growth, enhancing future talent reacquisition.

Build a Strong Alumni Network 

Cultivate a dynamic alumni network with a dedicated website and social media presence to foster Boomerang Hiring success. For a comprehensive guide on how to start and manage an alumni program effectively, check out our article, “The Ultimate 7-Step Guide to Launch Your Corporate Alumni Program.” By leveraging technology with an alumni website and a strong social media presence, complemented by in-person events, you’ll create a robust community, keeping former talents informed about your organization’s developments and enticing career opportunities.

Form Dedicated Boomerang Hiring Team 

Form a team to manage an organized database of alumni, understand their evolving aspirations, and facilitate rehiring. This team will lead outreach efforts and streamline the rehiring process.

Engage with Former Employees 

To maintain good employee relations and build relationships it is essential to proactively rekindle connections with former employees through alumni networks and social media. Additionally, employ targeted emails and direct messaging to effectively communicate with former employees, fostering lasting relationships.

Create Rehiring Recruitment Drives

Take a proactive approach by launching targeted recruitment drives aimed at former employees seeking new opportunities. Reach out to recent departures and those expressing interest in returning. Leverage social media to identify active job seekers among former talents and position your organization as their top choice.

Use Automated technology solutions

Utilize Automated technology solutions streamline the entire employee journey, integrating exit processes, alumni network engagement, and recruitment drives into a unified system. This holistic approach centralizes communication, automates outreach, facilitating a clear understanding of the pros and cons of boomerang hiring by identifying ideal rehire candidates based on data and ensuring the right person for the right role. This efficient automation optimizes your boomerang hiring strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Boomerang Hiring is a hidden gem in the world of recruitment. When former employees return, they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and loyalty. Moreover, they instill a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptability within the organization. The Boomerang Hiring strategy unquestionably stands out as an invaluable, yet often overlooked, opportunity for organizations to elevate their recruitment efforts and reap the rich rewards of seasoned talent returning to the fold.

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