Boomerang Hiring: The Path towards Workplace Diversity and Inclusion 

In recent years, promoting Diversity and Inclusion have surged to the forefront of corporate consciousness. This heightened emphasis is not coincidental; it’s a strategic response to a shifting landscape where D&I discussions are no longer on the periphery but at the core of the business world. Talented individuals, from all backgrounds, are increasingly drawn to organizations that champion diversity and inclusion. In this piece, we explore the seamless integration of “Boomerang Hiring” within workplaces and how it goes beyond welcoming back familiar faces and enables organizations to journey towards D&I excellence.

Embracing the Boomerang Effect

Boomerang hiring, often termed as “return to work programs,” revolves around rehiring former employees who, at some point, ventured beyond the organization for diverse reasons. These returnees bring back an enriched skill set and a transformed perspective, rendering them invaluable contributors to the company’s mission.

Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion: Exploring Boomerang Hiring’s 5 Dimensions

1. Broadening Perspectives 

One of the most significant contributions of boomerang hiring to D&I is the profound broadening of perspectives within an organization. As employees return with the wisdom of experiences from different workplaces or cultures, they introduce fresh viewpoints and unique insights. This infusion of thought diversity fosters innovative problem-solving, fuels creativity, and heightens sensitivity to the needs of a diverse clientele.

2. Retaining Diverse Talent 

Active participation in boomerang hiring signifies an organization’s dedication to retaining a diverse workforce. The knowledge that they can return to an inclusive and welcoming environment makes employees more inclined to consider these organizations as their long-term career destinations. This retention of diverse talent is instrumental in maintaining a balanced and inclusive workforce.

3. Fostering Inclusivity

Boomerang hiring inherently fosters inclusivity by creating an environment where all employees, both current and returning, feel valued and respected throughout their career journey. When former employees are welcomed back wholeheartedly, it sends a powerful message about the organization’s unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. This, in turn, inspires loyalty and elevates morale across the entire workforce.

4. Leveraging Existing Relationships: 

Boomerang hires often come with established relationships within the organization, a significant advantage in constructing diverse teams. These pre-existing connections ease the integration process and enhance the sense of belonging, reducing the challenges new hires might face in adapting to the workplace culture.

5. Skill Enhancement

When former employees return, they often bring a wealth of new skills and experiences garnered during their time away. These enhanced competencies are invaluable in equipping the organization to better serve a diverse customer base and navigate the complexities of an increasingly globalized business landscape.

Case Studies 

In the following case studies, we will explore three exceptional programs—SAP’s Returnship program, Barclays’ Encore Program, and Deloitte’s Encore program. These initiatives are dedicated to empowering individuals, especially women, who have taken career breaks by providing them with opportunities to relaunch their careers. Each program offers a unique blend of support, training, and potential employment, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

SAP Returnship Program

SAP’s Returnship program is a tailored initiative aimed at empowering women who have taken a career break of at least two years. This innovative program offers a three-month paid internship with the exciting possibility of securing a permanent job upon successful program completion. It’s a transformative opportunity for individuals looking to relaunch their professional journeys.

Barclays Encore Program

Barclays Encore Program stands as a flagship initiative dedicated to supporting individuals returning to the workforce after a career break. Participants in this program gain access to skill enhancement through training, mentorship, networking, and are placed in paid roles. Successful candidates may find permanent positions at Barclays, contingent upon their program performance and feedback.

Deloitte Encore Program

Deloitte’s Encore Program is a comprehensive 16-week initiative designed to assist individuals who have paused their careers for at least two years in their journey to relaunch their professional lives. This extensive program includes a six-month paid internship and the potential for securing a permanent employment opportunity upon successfully completing the program. It serves as a valuable pathway for career re-entry.

As businesses adapt to the changing professional landscape, diversity and inclusion have evolved from mere buzzwords to crucial pillars of success. ‘Boomerang Hiring’ is a vehicle for organizations to accelerate their journey toward diversity and inclusion excellence. Beyond the return of familiar faces, it empowers businesses to tap into the wealth of diverse perspectives and experiences that former employees bring back with them. Read our article “Revolutionizing Recruitment: The ROI Magic of Boomerang Hiring” to understand how hiring your boomerangs can be the key to unlocking your true organizational potential.

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