Free Alumni Database / Alumni Directory Templates For All Types of Educational Institutions

Is your institution collecting alumni information for the first time? Are you trying to build an alumni directory with all the alumni existing information? Collecting and organizing alumni data can be overwhelming for the institution of any size. Be it a school or a university, any kind of institution generally struggles to maintain all the critical information about their alumni. Having an alumni directory or record can help the institution to efficiently maintain the alumni information. 

Here are some of the free, easy to use alumni directory templates specifically designed for educational entities such as schools, colleges, universities and alumni associations. Feel free to explore, use, and copy these templates for your institution’s data collection purposes. 

1. Alumni Directory Template for Schools

Here, you can find Vaave’s Free Template for Schools

This free template can be used by your school to collect alumni’s personal information along with the grades they’ve studied in the school. Your school can also store alumni’s professional details such as company, designation, place of work as well.

2. Alumni Directory Template for Colleges

Here, you can find Vaave’s Free Template for Colleges

This free database template can be leveraged by the college to collect alumni’s personal information along with the course and the department they’ve pursued. There are additional columns which can be used to record alumni’s higher education and professional details. 

3. Alumni Directory Template for Universities

Here, you can find Vaave’s Free Template for Universities

This database template can be utilized by your university to store details pertaining to the alumni such as the course, department, institution and their personal information such as contact info and date of birth. This free template is designed keeping various courses offered by the university’s schools/institutions in mind. 

4. Additional Fields – Alumni Directory Template for Alumni Associations Towards Membership Management

Here, you can find Vaave’s Free Template for Alumni Associations

This template has four columns which are common for alumni associations of any kind of institution. You can use this template to store and organize your alumni members membership details.

Though conventional tools like Excel/Spreadsheets can be used to store static data, alumni information is often dynamic in nature. The information is cluttered and tools like these cannot offer meaningful and actionable insights about your alumni. These tools should be manually updated every time there is a change in alumni information. Heaps of unused alumni data goes unused and unexplored. 

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