Vaave Magic as a Service: How Vaave Helped a Top B-School in Building an Insight-Based Alumni Database 

A top B-school has opted for Vaave Magic as a Service to build an alumni database. Out of a total of 2138 members on the alumni portal, Vaave has assisted this popular institution in building 1365 updated alumni profiles from the alumni’s public LinkedIn URLs. Vaave Magic also generated deep, value-driven, and quantifiable alumni insights that proved invaluable to the institution. 

The B-School’s Shortfall:

When the B-school planned on building an alumni database, the management realized that not all members were updating their profile information. Crucial alumni details were missing such as work history which turned out to be a major obstacle in engaging their alumni. The institution lacked expertise and resources to collect alumni data, create comprehensive alumni profiles and generate value-driven insights from them. 

Solution Offered by Vaave:

Our expert team has tackled all the institution’s shortcomings through Vaave Magic as a Service, an additional alumni database-building service. Vaave has helped the B-school identify alumni via LinkedIn, collect their public URLs, and build complete alumni profiles through our unique signature blend of AI algorithms and indigenously developed software. These newly built alumni profiles have also been seamlessly integrated within the alumni portal. 

Here’s a complete breakdown of the alumni profiles built using Vaave Magic as a Service:

Out of 2138 members on the portal, Vaave Magic as a Service has facilitated the institution in building 1365 alumni profiles through alumni’s LinkedIn public URLs. Now, the B-school has updated alumni information for wholesome alumni engagement.

Everlasting Impact by Vaave Magic:

Now that we’ve assisted the institution in building updated alumni information. Vaave Magic, our AI-based database-building tool, provides expansive insights on alumni that are value-driven, deep, and actionable for the B-school to amplify their alumni engagement.

1. Value-Driven Insights

Vaave Magic effortlessly generated instant, AI-driven insights from alumni profiles built using LinkedIn’s public URLs. These insights inform the institution about the alumni, including the number of CXOs, entrepreneurs, alumni hired by Fortune 500 companies, and alumni holding Master’s degrees and studying abroad. 

This B-school has 12 alumni CXOs, 54 entrepreneurs, and 613 alumni working in Fortune 500 companies. The institution can leverage them in ways like this:

  • Alumni CXOs: The B-school has 12 alumni CXOs. If each CXO can offer at least 3 job or internship opportunities to students, the institution will have 48 confirmed placements.
  • Alumni Entrepreneurs: There are 54 alumni entrepreneurs for this institution. Alumni entrepreneurs will help with jobs and internships for students. They also serve as mentors, guiding fellow budding and aspiring entrepreneurs in the E-Cell
  • Alumni Working In Fortune 500: The B-school has the fortune of 28.7% of alumni working in Fortune 500 companies. These alumni will be leveraged for mentoring, upskilling, and placement guidance. The B-School will boost their rankings/accreditations by showcasing these alumni.

2. Deep Insights

Along with generating value-based alumni insights, which are helpful to the institution in many ways, Vaave Magic also produces in-depth, exhaustive insights about alumni, which are useful for networking and engagement.

Vaave Magic gives detailed information about the alumni’s job levels/experiences, areas of expertise, and the alumni working in various companies. It also provides powerful search functionalities where the B-school can search alumni using multiple filters such as:

  1. Alumni who are working in X company + Studied in Y School/College
  2. Alumni with a Marketing background + currently working in Fortune 500 companies
  3. Alumni CXOs with Masters degree
  4. Alumni HRs + who are working in Fortune 500 Companies
  5. Alumni Graduated in 2010 + Working as CXOs + Living in USA.

Vaave Magic also threw light on alumni-demographic insights to B-school such as:

  1. Majority of the alumni are working in Deloitte.
  2. Marketing is the largest area of expertise among the alumni.
  3. Targeted Alumni Engagement: Strong alumni presence in Fortune 500 companies is a big opportunity for the B-school to engage these alumni through mentoring, guest lectures and networking events 

Wrapping It Up:

By opting for Vaave Magic as a Service, this top B-school not only built a robust alumni database but also gained deep, value-driven insights about alumni, which can be game-changing in alumni engagement and networking. Having comprehensive alumni profiles is integral to alumni engagement, and this B-school achieved just that.