Alumni Experience Redefined: The Future of Networking

About the author 

Kunjal Kamdar is an experienced HR and talent branding expert with over a decade of experience in the field. He specializes in innovative solutions for talent attraction and engagement, boosting employer brands. Recognized as a top HR influencer, Kunjal leverages his network to amplify talent brands. He also authors the popular HR blog, Rambling HR, showcasing his expertise in the field. 


The concept of alumni networks has been around for decades, providing a platform for former employees to stay connected with their ex-colleagues and the company they once worked for. Through his blog, Kunjal reimagines them as hubs for far greater potential, taking inspiration from platforms like Vaave, which help organizations maximize the value they receive from alumni relations.

The Future of Networking: A Deep Dive

In his insightful post, Kunjal argues that alumni networks hold immense potential beyond casual connections. He delves into how companies can strategically leverage these networks for:

  • Talent Acquisition: Alumni can be a valuable resource for identifying and attracting skilled professionals.
  • Brand Advocacy: Former employees who have positive experiences can be strong brand ambassadors for the company.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Alumni can contribute valuable knowledge and insights gained from their experience.
  • Community & Growth: Alumni networks foster a strong community for both companies and alumni, enabling career development and support.

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