What are the Parameters in NAAC?

In the previous article, we learned what NAAC is all about. Here is the link for the same – Understanding NAAC: Enhancing Quality in Higher Education

This article discusses the Parameters that are in NAAC which are used to assess Higher Educational Institutions of India.

Curricular Aspects

  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Academic Flexibility
  • Academic Flexibility
  • Feedback System

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

  • Teaching-Learning Process
  • Student Performance and Learning Outcomes
  • Continuous Assessment and Evaluation

Research, Consultancy, and Extension

  • Promotion of Research
  • Research Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Consultancy and Extension Activities

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Library and Information Resources
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Infrastructure

Student Support and Progression

  • Student Admission and Support
  • Student Progression and Support
  • Student Participation and Activities
  • Career Guidance and Counseling

Governance, Leadership, and Management

  • Institutional Vision and Leadership
  • Organizational Structure and Processes
  • Decision-Making and Accountability
  • Innovative Practices

Institutional Values and Best Practices

  • Promotion of Ethics and Values
  • Best Practices

Inclusivity and Social Impact

  • Inclusivity and Equity
  • Social Impact Initiatives

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Alumni and Parent Engagement
  • Employer Feedback
  • Peer Team Interaction

Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Feedback from Stakeholders
  • Sustainability Initiatives

In summary, NAAC employs a multifaceted approach, including parameters ranging from curriculum design to stakeholder engagement, to assess and accredit Higher Education Institutions in India. These criteria reflect the core values of quality education and continuous improvement, making NAAC accreditation a vital recognition of an institution’s commitment to excellence in the Indian Higher Education System.