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Build a Thriving Alumni Community

Being the trusted Official Alumni Engagement Partners for hundreds of institutions, we have a deep understanding of the pain points of institutions and Vaave is built to be the one-stop solution to solve all of them. The enormous pool of best practices that we help you with and the continuous support that we provide are an added advantage.

Here is a list of things that Vaave can help you with:

Build & Maintain an
Updated Alumni Database

With our robust Database Management System, you will never have to worry about your alumni database. Build, Manage, Sort and Use your database effectively with the help of Vaave.

Plan & Organize Successful
Reunions / Alumni Meets

Alumni events/reunions play a very important role in bringing alumni together and keeping them engaged. Plan, Publicize and Organize your alumni meets effectively with our full-fledged Events module.

Raise Funds from Alumni
via seamless online payments

Nobody is bothered about an institution more than it’s alumni. Make ‘Giving Back’ a seamless and proud experience for your alumni with our comprehensive Funds Module and other supporting feature

Involve Alumni in
Student Development

Alumni participation can go a long way in making students industry ready. Vaave eases identification of industry specific experts/mentors and involving them in various student development activities.

Identify & Showcase
Alumni Achievers

High-achieving alumni are the pride of every institution. Vaave helps institutions Identify and Showcase their distinguished alumni and connect them back to their alma-maters.

Instant and Targeted

Keeping alumni constantly engaged needs regular and targeted communication from the institutions. With Vaave, sorting alumni based on various criteria and instant & targeted communication is a breeze.

Manage Chapter, Batch &
Special Interest Groups

Groups promote engagement and help alumni stay engaged. Vaave helps you create and manage Chapter, Batch & Special Interest Groups with ease.

Help alumni share opportunities
& leverage the network

Alumni Networks are extremely powerful communities waiting to be leveraged in an effective manner. Vaave helps alumni share Job & Business Opportunities, knowledge and other resources instantly.

Mobile Apps Available for both Android and iOS Platforms

Complete Privacy & Data Security
with Best Practices
Admin Panel
Realtime Analytics
& Reports
Hosted on your
own Domain
Mobile Apps
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7 Days

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