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What all does Vaave provide?

Vaave helps you build a full-fledged alumni networking portal for your institution - a closed LinkedIn like professional network exclusively for your alumni to interact. We take care of the technology, software upgrades, hosting, data backups, security and server maintenance, so that you can focus on enahancing your alumni relationships.

Do you offer anything more than software?

Software is just the beginning of our relationship. Having worked with many top institutions over the years, we have gained the expertise in building thriving alumni communities. Based on the priorities & objectives of the alumni association/institution, we work with institutions to set up short term and long term goals and work closely to help them achieve those goals.

Do you also support building database?

Once the network is launched, our focus will be on building the database and getting all the alumni onto the network. We employ several methods to do this with the help of the institution.

Where is the application hosted?

Vaave is entirely hosted on secure and reliable cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon AWS.

How secure is the data?

We employ the best industry practices to keep the data secure and safe. The application has been tested for penetration against all the possible vulnerabilities for web security.

Do you provide a whitelabel solution?

We understand the importance to maintain the identity of an institution and do so in every possible way. The website will rest on your own domain - For us to be able to provide the best and instant support along with a feature rich solution employing the latest technologies, it is important for us to manage the servers and hence we do not provide any on-site deployments.

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