The Company

Who we are and what keeps us inspired

We at Vaave envision a world in which ALL institutions effectively leverage the power of their alumni networks.

We believe that enabling meaningful alumni engagement can play a major role in solving the quality and infrastructure problems in the education sector.

Our mission is to grow into a global leader in providing alumni networking services and also to be able to reconnect even the most rural institutions to their alumni.

With a strong and diverse team which is a perfect blend of passion, business acumen, technological expertise and experience, we aspire to build one of the finest product companies.

The Team

Our people make the company awesome. Vaave is led by an enthusiastic team, high on values and commitment to deliver a rich customer experience.

Paresh MasadeFounder & Managing Director

Sanjeev KosarajuChief Executive Officer

Yasaswy PeesapatiMaster Evangelist

Jaipal Reddy KadaariChief Revenue Officer

Paresh Masade Founder & Managing Director Paresh, an alumnus of NITIE, is a mechanical engineer by education and a coder by passion. Paresh opted out of the placement process at NITIE to start Coherendz. He built Coherendz from the ground up, led it to grow from strength to strength and continues to nurture its growth. He has developed an incredible knack of bringing out the best in everyone around him. Passionate about everything he does, he is an avid follower of technology and there isn't much that he doesn't know about web development. He drives the technology team and makes sure customer success is the focus of everything we build. He is a foodie and is lucky to have a wife who loves cooking for him. He enjoys music with great lyrics and once in a while he also tries his hand at poetry. You should try getting him to confess his age and this deep thinker will claim to be 23 years old forever. View Linkedin Profile

Sanjeev Kosaraju Chief Executive Officer Our tall man, who is still a kid at heart, dropped out of IIIT-Hyderabad’s MS program to embark upon his entrepreneurial journey. Before joining Paresh in 2010, his experiences include his stints as Head – R&D Operations at Ken Comsys Pvt. Ltd. and Director – EdPro at Edserv Softsystems Ltd. Loved by the team and our clients alike, Sanjeev has been one of Coherendz's biggest pillars of strength. He brings the company's vision alive by taking care of its execution. He also leads product strategy and sales. He strives to add value to the company and the clients one step at a time. He dreams big and brings to the table his never quenching thirst to grow bigger by the day. Sachin is his GOD and he says, “One day I will meet him. And that day he will know me by my name.” He is an avid reader and an articulate writer. When he is not killing you with his silence, he is great to be around. Treat this big man with mirchi bajjis and he will be your pet! View Linkedin Profile

Yasaswy Peesapati Master Evangelist Yasaswy is a graduate from Vellore Institute of Technology and worked with Cognizant Technology Solutions before joining us. He is Sanjeev’s chaddi-buddy and both of them work together in taking Vaave around the world. He is the most detail oriented member of the team and an expert at problem solving. Being incredibly versatile and level-headed, he approaches every task with confidence and clarity. He loves working more with people and less on his computer. He is a hardcore Salesman at heart and practices his sales techniques on his poor wife. His beard is his style statement and ‘Rocking Baba’ his pet name. He enjoys indulging himself in a game of chess and digging into the dictionary to learn new words. If FC Barcelona is playing, be sure he is stuck to the screen. Guess where this dude takes his dog for a walk - the cremation ground! He says his dog likes the silence of the place. Creepy right? We know! View Linkedin Profile

Jaipal Reddy Kadaari Chief Revenue Officer Jaipal, the 'numbers man of Coherendz', has an MBA degree to his credit. He manages our numbers and ensures that they all add up. He keeps all accounts in order and the structure of the business tight and together. He is keenly interested in scalability of organizations and cannot resist a game of volleyball. He was Paresh’s classmate at college. He plays an active role in keeping the alumni association of his school active and cannot spend more than a fortnight without meeting his friends from school. His biggest dream in life is to complete a world tour before he is 45 years old! We can't wait to get him married. Help us find a girl, please? View Linkedin Profile

Aparna MandavaProduct Architect

Srichandana Chief Happiness Officer

Jayanth Ram KVCode Hacker

Md. Saddam HussainCode Hacker

Aparna Mandava Product Architect Aparna "garu", our coding master, is a postgraduate from IIT Bombay. She is the brains behind our product architecture design. With a vast experience in various web technologies and scripting languages she takes extreme pride in creating fast & scalable web architectures. She is a pro at writing elegant and functionally perfect codes and also contributes to the peer reviews of code to ensure the highest quality. Puppies are her favourite pets and nothing in the world can stop her from shopping. She is a blessed mother of the adorable twins - Ammu & Chinnu. She craves for a home on the countryside with a beautiful garden and lots of pets. View Linkedin Profile

Srichandana Chief Happiness Officer This people’s person is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur and was a Teach For India Fellow. The first thing you will notice about her is a never dying smile and she works to spread that smile to every member of the team by building a ‘Happy-At-Heart’ culture that nurtures the growth & learning of every single member of the team. Our ‘Jack of all trades’ leads our people operations and public relations. She is driven by purpose and powered by love. She strongly believes that excellent education is the only sustainable solution to every social issue we can think of. She dreams of playing an active role in the education sector, travelling around the world and building a wooden house in the Himalayan forests. She is an avid reader and never misses a chance to learn something new. She can be tamed by cupcakes & donuts. Oh! Yes! She is also Sanjeev’s boss (read wife). View Linkedin Profile

Jayanth Ram KV Code Hacker Jayanth is an alumnus of Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology and he works on systems design and develops modules for Vaave. He loves work when it involves exploring new technologies and becoming better with each task. This man with a calm demeanor enjoys challenges and faces them head-on. He keeps trying to break his own records at solving the rubik’s cube. His best timing is 16 sec and usually takes about 22 secs to solve the cube while the rest of the team keeps staring at him in awe. Another of his favourite pastimes is playing chess. He is a hard-core non-vegetarian and enjoys eating a variety of cuisines. View Linkedin Profile

Md. Saddam Hussain Code Hacker The Emperor of Iraq in our Team

Sanoop SreedharanMaster Evangelist

Srinivas EmaniImpact Catalyst

Nagarjuna BhavanamImpact Catalyst

Avinash ChapprapuExplorer

Sanoop Sreedharan Master Evangelist

Srinivas Emani Impact Catalyst

Nagarjuna Bhavanam Impact Catalyst

Avinash Chapprapu Explorer

Vamshi KodaliExplorer

Leela GowthamEvangelist Intern

Sarath VadlamannatiExplorer Intern

Abhi GovulaFrontend Ninja

Vamshi Kodali Explorer

Leela Gowtham Evangelist Intern

Sarath Vadlamannati Explorer Intern

Abhi Govula Frontend Ninja

Sreenivas KanthamneniTechnology Advisor

Srinath KomarinaStrategic Advisor

Sasi Priya ByraEvangelist

Sreenivas Kanthamneni Technology Advisor

Srinath Komarina Strategic Advisor

Sasi Priya Byra Evangelist This determined soul is an alumna of VNR VJIET. She works diligently on taking Vaave around the world along with Sanjeev & Yasaswy. She puts her heart and soul into planning and executing every detail of the events we organize. She loves reading a variety of books and enjoys writing too. She has an incredible thirst for knowledge and a greater urge to put that knowledge to constructive use. She is a UPSC Civil Services aspirant and owing to her passion for working on social issues, she has been an active volunteer for quite a few NGOs. She is a quizzing enthusiast and a pro at Scramble. She is also an amateur pianist who is nearly killing people with her pieces of music!

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At Vaave, we believe that great companies are built not by great ideas but by great people. We are extremely proud of our team and are always on the look out for people with similar passions.

People at Vaave have an opportunity to enjoy early responsibility and a great experience. We encourage our team members to take initiative and shape their roles. We encourage them to learn and grow, pushing them to become better professionals and people. We promise you the company of people who don’t settle for anything less than excellent.

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